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Resuse vinyl wall stickers?

I have bought some amazing vinyl wall stickers for my daughters room but there is a chance we may move in a year and I wondered if you can reuse them. I read on the website a warm hair dyer can remove them but can you then reuse them again. They are so lovely that I really want to take them with us if we do move.

Posted by Bagins

Yes there usually reusuable just make sure you keep the backing sheet they come stuck to to place them abck on for packing away. Will make sure the sticky part stays clean, dry and they don't wrinkle or get caught up with other things!

What kind of vinyl is used to make Vinyl wall stickers?

I already have a plotter, but i am curious as to what kind of vinyl is used to create the wall stickers? And where it is from?

Posted by sara l

Apparently Avery is one of the main sources for vinyl used in window, wall, and sign applications. See the sources below:

Can I turn my pictures into vinyl wall stickers?

I was wondering if there was a website that turns photos into vinyl wall stickers? I live on a military base so I'd like to keep from putting as many holes in my walls as possible!
The ReDesign Diva~ Thanks for the support! And thanks for the great links!

Posted by ♥Mama_Of_2_Beauties♥

Yep. These people do it.

That being said, if you have access to a computer and a printer and are able to print out your photos, then you can simply buy decal paper at your local Staples or other home office supply store – online even – and print out your stickers yourself.

What's real cool too is to have a custom wall mural done. See what I mean here:

By the way, thanks for being on a military base and thanks to whoever it is – you or hubby, etc., that's there to help keep us safe! I say thanks to support our troops that support our way of life! Hat's off to you and thank you!

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